As a band leader:
CD cover   Sonic Calligraphy
(altrisuoni 2004)

Peggy Chew, vocals
Adrian Frey, piano

“The release of this profound disc by Swiss-based Chinese-American vocalist Peggy Chew and her partner, pianist Adrian Frey, marks the birth of Sino-synocopated cool…a stunning blend of jazz with Chinese and Taiwanese traditional folk songs…“
Philadelphia Weekly, (USA)2004

  1. The Girl From the Ali Mountain (Ali Shan de Guniang) play
  2. Mahjong play
  3. Kangding Love Song
  4. The Orchid (Lan Hua Hua)
  5. Li Bai’s Mood
  6. Roast Pork Bun (Cha Shao Bao)
  7. My Lonely Room (Lan Gui Ji Ji)
  8. Nanniwan
  9. Wood, Metal and Air play
  10. Ram’s Dance play
  11. Pick It Up This Morning
  12. Belonging
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CD cover   Real Days
(altrisuoni 2000)

Peggy Chew, vocals
Adrian Frey, piano
Dominique Girod, bass
Tony Renold, drums

“The singer with the beautiful dark timbre catches the listener with her wide scope of expression from the folk pop of Joni Mitchell to Charles Mingus, from a moving rendition of a Chinese love song to a gem by Jim Croce, from a waltz by Fred Hersch to original songs by her pianist, Adrian Frey.“
****Jazz n More, (Switzerland) August/September 2000
Chosen as a “Selection of Swiss Radio International“

  1. My Lonely Room
  2. Real Days
  3. One Step Beyond
  4. Northern Comfort play
  5. Sweet Sucker Dance
  6. Rain Waltz
  7. The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines play
  8. Time In A Bottle
  9. New Tune
  10. Cycle No. 8
  11. Chelsea Morning
  12. Equipoise
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CD cover   Detour Ahead
(Shaomei Productions, 1995)

Peggy Chew, vocals
Roland von Flüe, tenor sax, clarinet
Roberto Bossard, guitar
Peter Frey, bass
Elmar Frey, drums
Adrian Frey, piano (2,5,8)
Willy Kotoun, percussion (1,5,8)

“With her clear, bright but also warm and velvety voice, Peggy Chew leads her group through a repertoire of swing and bebop themes…“
Luzerner Zeitung, 1995

  1. Little Sunflower play
  2. Detour Ahead play
  3. Crazeology play
  4. Doce Prescenca
  5. I’m Old Fashioned
  6. Up Jumped Spring
  7. If I Were A Bell
  8. Lacuna
  9. My Heart Stood Still
  10. Our Love Is Here To Stay
Order CD: 32 sfrs including postage /$15 including postage

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DVD Quartet   Sonic Calligraphy with the Adrian Frey Trio
at "The Club" in Zürich, 2005

Peggy Chew, vocals
Adrian Frey, piano
Fabian Gisler, bass
Dominik Burkhalter, drums

  • Lan Hua Hua (The Orchid) play
  • Kangding Love Song play