Peggy and Sonic Calligraphy at the VOXFEST at Cornelia Street Cafe in NY in August 2017
In August, Peggy will perform with Sonic Calligraphy a one set program of Chinese folksongs, poetry, originals and jazz standards at Cornelia Street Cafe. Special guest NY trombonist Chris Washburne will join her and Swiss pianist, Adrian Frey.

August 22, Sonic Calligraphy
Peggy Chew, voc., Chris Washburne, trombone, Adrian Frey, piano

Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street
New York  212 989 9319

Concert from 8 to 9 pm, one set only
$10 cover, $10 minimum

Peggy at the Lebewohlfabrik, Zurich in December 2015

Fröhlichstr. 23
Zurich, 044 382 16 26

Concerts begin at 6 pm
(Entrance free, Donation)

December 1, Sonic Calligraphy
Peggy Chew (voc), Silvan Schmid (tp), Adrian Frey (p), Willy Kotoun (perc)

December 8, Peggy Chew and Strings - Songs of Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman and Paul Simon
Peggy Chew (voc), Marion Namestnik (vl and voc), Silvan Jeger (b and voc)

December 15,  Peggy Chew and Friends - In and Out of Love with Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra
Peggy Chew (voc),Walter Jauslin (p), Patrick Sommer (b), Pius Baschnagel (dr)

December 22, A Jolly Christmas with the Peggy Chew Trio and Special Guest, Robert Ashby
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p), Christoph Grab (ts, ss), Robert Ashby (p)

In the first set, the Peggy Chew Trio will play holiday songs to celebrate Yuletide. In the second set, Peggy will conduct a Christmas sing-along with the public to the humorous and elegant accompaniment of Robert Ashby on piano.

In Winterthur at the Esse Music Bar with Sonic Calligraphy
Peggy Chew (voc), Silvan Schmid (tp), Adrian Frey (p), Willy Kotoun (perc)

December 10, Sonic Calligraphy
Rudolfstr. 4
Winterthur, 052 202 57 46

Concert begins at 20:15
(Entrance Free, Donation)

Past Concerts of Peggy

2015 - Sonic Calligraphy Duo in California and in New York
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p)
In February, the duo collaborated on a special presentation of their music with the San Francisco based theater group "Eth-Noh-Tec" (Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo) and their play "Red Altar." The duo also made an appearance at the Maybeck Studio in Berkeley.

In March, they performed with NY violinist Jason Kao Hwang and special surprise guest, legendary vocalist Jay Clayton sat in with the group.

2014 - Sonic Calligraphy Duo in Hong Kong, China and New York
In January, Sonic Calligraphy duo with Peggy Chew, vocals and Adrian Frey, piano toured Hong Kong, China, and New York. In Hong Kong, they performed at the poetry retrospective of Hong Kong poet, Leung Ping-kwan (Yasi). In Guangzhou, they collaborated with choreographer and dance performance artist, Er Gao and his dance company.  In Shenzhen, they played a duo concert.

In February, NY trombonist Chris Washburne joined the Sonic Calligraphy duo at Ibeam, Brooklyn, NY.

2013 - Sonic Calligraphy with Felix Utzinger, guitar
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p), Felix Utzinger (g), Willy Kotoun (perc)
In the spring of 2013, Sonic Calligraphy featured Swiss guitarist Felix Utzinger with his grooves and wide palette of electronic sounds to the group's music. They played a series of concerts throughout Switzerland.

2012 - Sonic Calligraphy China tour with Coco Zhao and Wu Na
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p), Willy Kotoun (perc), Coco Zhao (voc), Wu Na (gu qin)
In October 2012, Sonic Calligraphy toured throughout China with various Chinese guests in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, and Shenzhen. The guests included their former musical collaborators: Coco Zhao, jazz singer from Shanghai and Wu Na, gu qin master from Beijing as well as these great musicians: Li Tie Qiao , alto saxophonist from Beijing, Song Zhao, celloist from Beijing, and Er Gao, dancer from Guangzhou.

2010- Sonic Calligraphy Swiss tour with Coco Zhao and Wu Na
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p), Willy Kotoun (perc), Coco Zhao (voc), Wu Na (gu qin)
As participants of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Foundation's "Swiss Chinese Cultural Explorations" program, Sonic Calligraphy toured with their Chinese guest musicians throughout Switzerland. The group was also featured in the Culturescapes Festival. They also released their new CD "The Flow of Things" on the Swiss label altrisuoni.

2009- Sonic Calligraphy China tour with Coco Zhao and Wu Na
Peggy Chew (voc), Adrian Frey (p), Willy Kotoun (perc), Coco Zhao (voc), Wu Na (gu qin)
Sonic Calligraphy was selected by Pro Helvetia to create a cultural exchange with Chinese musicians. This fall tour took them to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Back to China for the Second Time

In September 2007, "Sonic Calligraphy" toured China with several concerts in Hong Kong, Kunshan and Shanghai. Joining them on this musical journey was Willy Kotoun on percussion.  It was the second China tour for Peggy and Adrian after their duo appearances on the mainland in 2002.

Live in Shanghai, 2007

From California to Brazil to Switzerland

In October 2006, Peggy performed at the Sanchez Concert Hall in Pacifica, California with Adrian Frey, piano and the American rhythm section of John Wiitala, bass and Jon Arkin, drums. The concert was reviewed in the Pacifica Tribune:

"Smart music fuse of culture without boundaries…the vision of Sonic Calligraphy…The Chinese tune “Lan Hua Hua“ (The Orchid) was hip,catchy and hot…"Li Bai’s Mood" (Frey) accompanied by the words of an ancient Chinese poem "Quiet Night Thoughts" spotlighted Chew’s eloquent vocal charm inside a whirl of expressive percussion. The extraordinary musicianship of Sonic Calligraphy is obvious."

Pacifica Tribune, October 2006

In January and February 2007, Peggy Chew and Adrian Frey shared musical experiences in Brazil where they participated in jam sessions and concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Joao Pessoa.

In May 2007, Peggy was a guest soloist of the JCT All Stars in Thalwil, Switzerland as part of the International Thalwil Jazz Weekend.

Upcoming Concerts with Sonic Calligraphy:
Peggy Chew, vocals
Adrian Frey, piano
Willy Kotoun, percussion

August 25, 2007, Saturday - 11am
Villa Sträuli
Museumstr. 60

November 18, 2007, Sunday - 3:30 pm
Theater Rigiblick
Germaniastr. 99